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Buzz Saw Buzzbait

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The Buzz Saw

Inline Weedless Buzz Bait

We have spent several years thinking of ways to make a more weedless buzz bait. It was after we designed our Topwater Dawg Double Tail that things really went into hyper drive. With our 4/0 Owner Beast Hook combined with an Inline Buzzer, you could really get into the heavy slop and work on those giant bass that just needed a little more coaxing.

Now after a year of testing and thousands of caught bass. We sent out samples to bass fishermen from all over the world. The response has been great and the results have been outstanding. This new inline buzz bait can be completely weedless when using a plastic trailer. But you do not need a plastic trailer, it is a great topwater bait just with the magnum long tail skirt.

Now to the key features that make this such a great topwater lure. We wanted a blade that would lay flat on the water after the cast, weedless hook, heavy gauge inline wire and a skirt collar for adding skirt. The Buzz Saw is now ready for any water conditions, grass mats, trees, seawalls, boat docks, tulle berms or just open water.

Standard Colors

Sexy Shad, White Knight, White Shad, Sunfish, Black Red Flash, Black Blue Flash, Night Stalker, (Black), Golden Shiner, Chartreuse White, Chartreuse Shad, Bama Bug, Greenpumpkin, Okeechobee Craw, Delta Red Crawler

Trailers; Use any type of trailer, Brush Hogs, Super Flukes, Swim Bait Bodies, Magnum Worms, Horny Toad, Super Newts, Topwater Dawgs even your used Senkos