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D&M Custom Baits

Chopper Swim Jig

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The Chopper Swim Jig

The D&M Custom Baits Chopper Swim Jig features a unique design complete with a propeller in front of the head that churns up the water and also helps keep the bait from rolling at high retrieve speeds. It also comes equipped with a small willow blade extending from the bottom of the head, which adds another element of flash as it moves through the water. The detailed head design, complete with scales, gill plates and 3D eyes, adds to the lifelike presentation as well, along with its premium silicone skirt.

The combination of all these features give the Chopper a unique shimmying action that sets it apart from other swim jigs and drives fish crazy. A super sharp Mustad Ultra Point hook has you covered on strikes, dishing out solid hooksets, and a barbed bait keeper keeps your favorite trailer firmly in place. A unique and versatile swim jig perfect for a range of fishing scenarios, the D&M Custom Baits Chopper Swim Jig is in a league of its own.

It comes in 6 standard colors: Golden Shiner, Blue Gill, Chartreuse Shad, Bad Shad, Greenpumpkin, Threadfin Shad and 4 sizes.  Sizes; 3/8 oz. 1/2 oz. 3/4 oz. and 1 oz.