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D&M Custoim Baits

Easy Roller Buzzbait

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Easy Roller Buzzbait

Based on the design of the highly effective Slow Roller Buzzbaits, the D&M Custom Baits Easy Roller Buzzbait delivers the same palpitation-inducing topwater blowups, now without the brass clacker bar for a more subtle presentation. Designed to give off a softer tone than traditional buzzbaits, it features plastic prop blades that rotate effortlessly as you buzz them along the water’s surface. Incredibly effective around pressured fish, the D&M Custom Baits Easy Roller Buzzbait features a 4-blade plastic prop, high-quality skirting, and a quality razor-sharp 5/0 hook. Available in a range of colors and sizes to meet a variety of water conditions, the D&M Custom Baits Easy Roller Buzzbait offers a deadly combination of water turbulence and flash that draws explosive strikes and tournament victories.