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D&M Custom Baits

Gator Swim Jig

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The Gator Swim Jig

The Gator swim jig features an ultra realistic minnow head with our same custom colors. Our weighted bubble belly will not roll over and it gives off a great shimmy action on the retrieve allowing your chosen trailer to have the most action possible. Our multi-layer paint schemes with 3/D Eyes and clear coat process set this jig apart from others.

Our custom wire harness runs completely through the entire jig allowing a few key features and several different rigging options. You can use a treble hook, trap hook or under spin blade of your choice on the bottom.

It comes in 8 colors: California Gold, Blue Gill, Chartreuse Shad, Bad Shad, Black Blue Flash, Baby Bass, Green pumpkin, Clearlake Hitch, Chartreuse White, Okeechobee Craw and 3 sizes: 1/2oz., 3/4oz., 1oz. All sizes feature a 6/0 Mustad Ultra Point hook.