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D&M Custom Baits

Piranha II Swim Jig

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Piranha 2 Swim Jig

The new D&M Custom Baits Piranha II Swim Jig: We have upgraded several key features giving fisherman a superior bladed swim jig. The famous detailed jig head will stay the same with a few minor changes. Our Piranha II is made with the professional angler in mind, the D&M Custom Baits Piranha II Swim Jig features a sticky sharp quality 5/0 hook, stainless custom 75lb. Worth split ring, an oversize heavy duty snap, large 3D eyes, and a matching grub trailer and exquisite color schemes that are extremely effective. No other bladed swim jig can match the perfectly paired skirt, blade, and trailers of the D&M Custom Baits Piranha II Swim Jig. Upgrades include larger 3D eyes, downsizing the head size by extending the skirt collar to allow you the option to use our long tail skirt, moving bait keeper further back to hold your trailers firmly in place and we added custom attachment eyelet will give the blade even better action and we have eliminated all the common flaws of older generations of bladed swim jigs such as attachment eyes opening up, blades fouling or getting stuck.

The new design gives the bait a new action different from what you have experienced in the past with the Original Piranha bladed swim jig where the blade vibration would over power the action of all but the largest paddle tail trailers, basically the bait would vibrate straight back on the retrieve and you would have to impart your own action through the rod and reel or defect off of grass or structure. The new upgraded design allows the trailer more influence on the action of the bait and the bait has a more erratic hunting action on the retrieve. This new design allows the angler to be more versatile by simply changing trailer types you can have totally different actions depending on what the fish are keying on a particular day. We changed the balance point of the head design which results in bait that can be cast farther and fished slower and shallower than baits of similar weight keeping your bait in the strike zone longer. Example 1/2 ounce fishes like the 3/8 ounce original with a similar trailer

The sizes will be 3/8 oz. and 1/2 oz. to start with 11 standard colors; these will be all the old favorites, plus a few colors that we have been holding out in the past.

Green Pumpkin Flash, Bama Bug, Bandit, Baby Bass, Black Blue Flash, Blue Gill, Black Red Flash, Brown Purple Flash, Chartreuse Shad, Chartreuse White, Delta Craw, Green Pumpkin, Golden Shiner, Clearlake Hitch, June Bug Flash, Mad Craw, Night Stalker, Black, Okeechobee Craw, Purple Passion, Sunfish, Threadfin Shad, Tilapia, Too Sexy, Table Rock Shad, White Knight, Watermelon Red, White Shad, Yellow Bird

We also now have replacement blades available, they will be 3 blades per pack, with 3 split-rings and 3 Duo lock snaps and available in 8 colors: Black Nickel, White, Red, Silver, Black/Blue, Gold, Green, Blue.