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D&M Custom Baits

Punch Craw

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4.25" Punch Craws

The Punch Craw is 4.25 inches, heavily salted and is made specifically for punching the thickest of Vegetation. The Straight legs on the punch craw allow the bait to slide through the vegetation without catching/hanging up in the muck. The Punch Craw comes in a variety of fish catching colors.
Don’t forget to order your matching Magnum Punch Skirts!
Here are a few rigging suggestions as well. >

Punch Craw Colors
Delta Special, Crawfish, Greenpumpkin Red, Delta Red Crawler, Black Red Flash, Greenpumpkin Flash.

Laminate Colors
Okeechobee Craw Laminate, Sprayed Grass Laminate, Black Blue Laminate, Big Tex Laminate, PBJ Laminate, Black Red Oxblood